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Portfolio career

What Is A Portfolio Career & How To Build One [I Like to Dabble] – “I was scrolling through TikTok one day when I came across a video that said that calling your income streams “side hustles” could negatively impact your mindset around the work you do. Using a term like “portfolio career” more accurately represents a multihyphenated approach to work without diminishing it.”

I like the term portfolio career and I think it does a better job of explaining “side hustles.”

The 5 Habits of Financially Responsible People [Darius Foroux] – “The way you treat your money is a result of the habits you have. This is what sets financially responsible people apart from others. And I’m not only talking about the habit of spending.”

Why You Shouldn’t Take Investment Advice From TV Personalities – After The Cut [Hasan Minhaj on The Daily Show] – Great advice! (the whole episode is great)