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Popular myths of homeownership.

Hello hello hello. It’s good to see you, my friend. As you probably guessed, I have some good stuff to share with you today about the wonderful world of personal finance. Let’s get right to it.

Three recession-proof investments for 2021. [Raptitude] — “Given the hobbled state of the economy, here are three lucrative areas to invest in, requiring no monetary capital. Unlike stocks or mutual funds, they tend to perform better during times of hardship and recession, providing direct gains to well-being in both the short- and long-term.”

Why so much financial advice is wrong. [A Lawyer and Her Money] — “Even good-hearted people trying to impart knowledge can only speak from their own experience. The decisions they made were ‘good decisions’ because they worked out. That, however, doesn’t mean you can or should make the same decisions now that they made in the past.

Popular myths of homeownership. [indeedably] — “Owner-occupiers only win the game when they downsize. Selling up their appreciating property, then buying a smaller or less desirably located property. The remaining sale proceeds could then be used to finance lifestyle choices or accomplishing bucket list items. The other cohort of winners from rising property prices are inheritance beneficiaries.”

You may have seen today’s video already. After all, it’s currently the #2 trending clip on YouTube with over 12,000,000 views. I don’t care. I’m sharing it anyhow. Here’s pop star Billie Eilish giving the same interview to Vanity Fair for the fourth consecutive year — with clips of what she said in past years.

I love watching people evolve and grow. If Eilish continues to participate in this for, say, twenty years, it’ll be a lovely glimpse into her development as a human being.

That’s it for Wednesday, weird-os! I’ll be back tomorrow with more of the same. Join me, won’t you?