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Please don’t steal

I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast where he has a chat with Adam Perry Lang, owner of APL Restaurant in Hollywood, CA. They talk a lot about how the steakhouse has been dealing with the Coronavirus shutdown, which was itself illuminating because I haven’t seen a lot of restauranteurs talk specifics about how bad it’s been. We know it’s bad but it wasn’t until this chat that I finally understood that even with takeout, APL Restaurant was only doing 15% of the business they were doing before. 15% is shockingly low.

The discussion then moved to knife-making and Lang made all the steak knives in the restaurant. And people steal them. And he has to shame them back.

Kind of fits nicely with the first post of the day (oh, and don’t steal) –

Hotel thieves aren’t stealing toiletries – but framed art, TVs, a fireplace [The Guardian] – “They’re putting the average shoplifter to shame by taking paintings and mattresses. How do they get away with it?”

Mattresses? Seriously? (oh, that’s not even the craziest one)

Why is the Market Doing Well Lately? [Oblivious Investor] – “The easiest way to understand this concept is to imagine a company that is undergoing a massive lawsuit. If the suit fails in court, the company would be worth $100 billion. But if the suit succeeds, the company will be bankrupt. Given those facts, what is the company worth right now? That depends on the likelihood of the suit succeeding. If the suit has a 30% probability of success, the company should be worth $70 billion right now (that is, 70% chance that it ends up being worth $100 billion, 30% chance it’s worth zero). If the suit has a 50% probability of success, then the company should be worth $50 billion right now.”

I Followed a Kilo of Cocaine From Field to Street [VICE] – “In a new book, Kilo: Inside the Deadliest Cocaine Cartels, war correspondent Toby Muse reports on the human stories behind the drug’s passage across Colombia, from coca leaf pickers and jungle chemists to cartel sicarios and speedboat smugglers.”

Enjoy the weekend Apexian!