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Planes, trains, and automobiles: Isn’t travel the best?

I love to travel. I enjoy seeing and living in different places, usually as slowly as possible as to recreate a local’s living experience rather than a tourist whirlwind through sights… but I am not a fan of the actual travel to and from those places.

Airports are magnets for stress. Easy going, normal people are always stressed out 150% and TSA doesn’t help.

We have three kids so traveling is a chaotic juggling of children, luggage, and schedules. It’s not fun but it’s what we need to do to get to the fun. 🙂

Today’s Apex will be mostly travel-related, starting with a little behind the scenes at LAX:

Nine Secrets I Never Knew About Airports Until I Worked at LAX [Bloomberg] – “From dead bodies in the security line to a cobra in a Pringles can, you wouldn’t believe the crazy things that happen at America’s busiest airport of origin.”

The Girl’s Guide to Hiking Solo [Nomadic Matt, written by Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse] – “Like solo traveling, some people will argue that hiking alone is never safe, no matter what. As someone who does it all the time, I have a different take on it. I find it empowering, incredibly peaceful, and one of the best ways to get closer to myself. I get to push out all the noise and clutter and just be one with nature. That said, you have to take precautions to make yourself safer.”

Why Cruise Lines Keep Cutting Their Ships in Half [Bloomberg] – “With sparks flying, and shipyard workers and invited guests cheering him on, Delany made the final vertical cut to chop Star Breeze in half. But he was hardly destroying the small ship—he was doing just the opposite.

In a process called “stretching,” the Star Breeze is getting pulled apart to make room for a new, 84-foot, 1,250-ton prefab midsection addition. Think of it like unsnapping (or unwelding) two Legos and putting another block in between. But with a boat.”

This last one isn’t about travel but was too good for me to not share!

Expensive Cars are Masquerading Around as Signs of Wealth [Greenbacks Magnet] – “You ever drive by a neighborhood that ends in Estates or Hills and look in the driveway?

There are usually enough European cars around for these folks to start a dealership down the street and give Audi a run for their money.

You figure places like Beverly Hills, Miami Beach, and New York are places that can afford these types of cars, but what about places you would think those people may not make the type of money it requires to have those vehicles?”

Before you go, a fun little video about something you might’ve heard about. In 1981, American Airlines sold a $250,000 pass that allowed the holder to fly for free… until they clawed it back.

Watch this video to learn more about this program and what happened:

(if you are really into it, The Hustle did a long piece about AAirpass too)

That’s it for me – next week, J.D. returns with a heavy dose of Apex Worthy stuff for you to enjoy!