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The perfect $37 million jewelry heist

Happy Thursday peoples! Since the beginning of Apex, J.D. has been the primary curator with me (Jim) helping a little here and there with articles to toss into the gristmill of Apex.

But he’s traveling and so I get to take over!

So put on your favorite pair of money pants and behold the wonders that await you today:

“A Stunning Coup”: The Almost Unsolvable Harry Winston Diamond Heists [Vanity Fair] — “The $37 million Harry Winston jewelry heist was a perfect crime. The thieves’ mistake was returning for an even bigger score. But did police really convict the right men, or are the brains of the operation still at large?”


How the 0.001% invest [The Economist] — “THINK OF THE upper echelons of the money-management business, and the image that springs to mind is of fusty private banks in Geneva or London’s Mayfair, with marble lobbies and fake country-house meeting-rooms designed to make their super-rich clients feel at home. But that picture is out of date. A more accurate one would feature hundreds of glassy private offices in California and Singapore that invest in Canadian bonds, European property and Chinese startups—and whose gilded patrons are sleepwalking into a political storm.”

Barack Obama’s summer reading list [via Facebook] — Unrelated to politics, I’ve found both Obama’s reading lists and Bill Gates’ reading lists to be interesting ways to discover fascinating books.

Lastly, here’s a fun video of a chimpanzee absolutely destroying one of those Ninja Warrior type rope/climbing courses:

Do you have a friend who would love new books to read? Or interested in how the wealthy manage their money? Send or forward to them this curation!

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