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Patience and wealth go hand in hand.

It’s Monday once more, money nerds, and that means it’s the start of another week of top money stories from around the web. Let’s get ready to build some wealth!

“I’m a data scientist and I’m skeptical about data.” [Quartz] — “Data doesn’t say anything. Humans say things. They say what they notice or look for in data — data that only exists in the first place because humans chose to collect it, and they collected it using human-made tools.”

Wealth and patience appear to go hand in hand. [Christian Science Monitor] — “Patience, it seems, is associated with factors that are key for upward mobility. Patient individuals, for example, not only were more likely to save but also had higher education levels, researchers found. It may not be a coincidence that some of the wealthiest nations in the world rank as the most patient.” This is a short summary of findings from a much longer journal article.

Patience and wealth are correlated

The unexpected benefits of downsizing your home to save money. [Educator FI] — “I never pretend a choice is universally right for everyone. I can say we’ve experienced amazing benefits from downsizing. If you’re considering it, consider these possibilities. Instead of improving our finances while our living conditions were ‘good enough’ for our remaining work years, moving to a smaller home had a significant positive impact on our quality of life.”

I love today’s final feature — but I hate myself for loving it. Here’s a poor kid getting a harsh life lesson via the game of Monopoly. Nobody likes taxes, my friend. Nobody.

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