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Paradigm shifts and principles for success.

Happy Friday, money nerds! It’s the weekend!

Before you get out there and enjoy some much-deserved time off, we have three amazing articles for you. These are all long (sorry) but they’re all fantastic reads. Seriously. They’ll make you think.

The problem with early retirement. [Michael Kitces] — “In the end, arguably the biggest challenge in the FIRE movement – and ultra-long-term retirement planning in general – is that we haven’t done enough to develop ‘rules’, and a framework for rules-based spending adjustments, to know not just what is a safe point to retire, but what is a safe spending path as the subsequent future unfolds.” This is an excellent article — one of the best we’ve featured on Apex Money so far.

How a taxable brokerage account can be as good as (or better than) a Roth IRA. [Physician on Fire] — “Some people don’t seem to know what to do with additional money once available retirement accounts are maxed out. I’m showing how a taxable account can be just as good, and in some cases better, than the much-heralded Roth IRA.” (Also from PoF: The epochs of early retirement.)

Hey, now. Nothing’s as good as a Roth. (We Roths are awesome!)

This last piece is especially long but it’s also especially interesting. If you really are a money nerd, you’ll love it.

Paradigm shifts. [Ray Dalio on LinkedIn] — “The consensus view is typically more heavily influenced by what has happened relatively recently (i.e., over the past few years) than it is by what is most likely. It tends to assume that the paradigms that have existed will persist and it fails to anticipate the paradigm shifts, which is why we have such big market and economic shifts. These shifts, more often than not, lead to markets and economies behaving more opposite than similar to how they behaved in the prior paradigm.”

Speaking of Ray Dalio, here’s a 30-minute video that summarizes his principles for success. “I watch this every few months,” Jim says. “With my kids.” My buddy is getting his kids ready for life!

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