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Optimizing for joy

I’ve known J.D., my partner in crime on Apex Money, for almost twenty years. I’ve long been a fan of his writing and was excited to hear when he bought back Get Rich Slowly from the folks who he sold it too many years ago. I was also a little sad to hear he was letting it go (to his business partner, who I am also friends with)… but it’s for a good reason.

All too often we don’t take care of ourselves before others. Or we let the pressure (real and imagined) from others dictate our actions.

I’m glad to see J.D. is doing neither… and optimizing for joy.

Optimizing for joy [JD Roth] – “So, I’m going to return to writing for the web. But I’m not going to write on just one topic. I’m not going to publish at a niche site…like Get Rich Slowly. I’m going to write at my personal blog in a personal style. If there are people who want to read what I write (and even join the conversation), great. If not, also great. I’m going to write for myself — because it’s what I need to do to process my thoughts and feelings, because writing has been a part of who I am for nearly fifty years.”

The Mystery Millionaire of Gage Park [Chicago Magazine] – “When Joseph Stancak died, he left behind a secret: He was worth $11 million. How did a reclusive electrician living in a modest bungalow amass the largest unclaimed estate in American history?”

What’s driving the record-breaking heat wave hitting the U.S.? [NPR] – “You know, one is El Nino, which is a naturally occurring phenomena where ocean temperatures are hotter in the Pacific, which causes hotter temperatures around the world. That started this year and means we’ll likely be looking at soaring temperatures again next summer. But the other major driver here, of course, is human activities. We are warming the planet by burning fossil fuels and adding more greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Scott, I like to think of greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide – you know, the stuff we spew from our tailpipes – as kind of like down in a blanket or coat. It insulates the planet, capturing heat.”