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Observations of a New Costco Member

I love Costco.

That’s it. Enjoy the first post. 😂

Observations of a New Costco Member [Rational Walk] – “Costco’s recent gross margin was 10.5%. The comparable gross margin figure for Wal-Mart is 24.4%. Target operates at an even higher gross margin of 28.3%. To take a conservative viewpoint, if Costco’s products have an average price advantage of 15% over Target and Wal-Mart, a customer only has to spend an average of $400 before recouping the $60 annual membership fee. As we can see from my example, it is often possible to recoup the membership fee with an even lower volume of spending.”

Slowing Down: How to Live More Deliberately in a Fast-Paced World [Coach Carson] – “Have you noticed that modern life is a drummer playing at breakneck speed? From work to meals, to exercise, to conversations, our pace is fast and furious. But even at the beginning of the industrial revolution in the early 1800s, nonconformists like Henry David Thoreau were already encouraging us to move at a slower, more deliberate pace in life.”

Charles Shultz Philosophy [5AM Joel] – “…the people that make a difference in your life aren’t world class achievers that are the best in their field. It’s the regular people that spend time with you and care about you. It’s the ones that make you feel loved and boost your self worth.”