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Ok, despite the numerous exclamation marks, I’m not losing my mind about NVIDIA even though it added $277 billion to it’s market cap yesterday. I think it’s great that technology companies are doing well and while I don’t directly own any shares, they’re in the S&P 500 so our brokerage account balances went up too.

It’s just crazy how quickly things are moving and we’ll see if this is showing us the way forward or just some early excitement. Either way, nothing to do except enjoy the ride.

Speaking of how quickly things are changing… did you see this?

New dating app requires good credit score to join [Yahoo Finance] – “A new dating app called “Score” has been launched by financial services company Neon Money Club. Score is positioning itself as an app for financially responsible singles, requiring users to have a minimum credit score of 675 in order to join.” What time to be alive – and another reason to keep your credit score high!

Compensating compassion [Works in Progress] – “Too few people donate their organs, dead or alive. How can we make it easier to donate, but avoid the abuses that some fear from cash payments?” If you’re interested in this subject, incentivizing organ donation, this article is very thorough in looking at the data and experiences of other countries. I learned quite a bit about the various programs across the world.

Finally, I love ramen. But I love watching people hone their craft even more.

The Ramen Lord – “At Chicago’s buzziest new restaurant, Mike Satinover is obsessed with one goal: making the perfect bowl of Japanese noodles.”

Like Mike Satinover, obsess over something this weekend!