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Numbers on a Screen.

Happy Wednesday Plutus Family! Enjoy!!!

Check out what we have for you this week.

Numbers on a Screen. [The Belle Curve] — “Dealing with money is less tangible today than at any time in the history of money. Paychecks are directly deposited into bank accounts. Bills are paid automatically online. Debit and credit cards can be used everywhere (even in NYC cabs), and we are quickly adopting the use of Apple Pay, Venmo, and Zelle for a variety of transactions…. It sometimes feels like money is nothing more than numbers on a screen.” (Submitted by J. Money.)

#92. “I Hate Work! I Just Want to Retire!” [The Sytch] — “It’s completely understandable why this is the case. Working 8+ hour days in work you do not value can leave you mentally and physically exhausted.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

Ranked: Things vs. Experiences vs. Things That Keep Creating Good Experiences. [My Money Blog] — “The benefit of material goods is that they don’t go away after the experience ends (food is eaten, cruise ends, etc). The best material goods are those that keep generating new positive experiences and memories.” (Submitted by J. Money.)