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The art of not taking things personally.

Hello, Apexians, and welcome to Friday. Before you head into the weekend, I’ve gathered some recent money stories to share with you. Enjoy!

Why do people stay poor? [MIT Economics research paper] — “Our results point to the existence of a poverty threshold, so that households with a starting level of productive assets below that threshold are trapped in poverty, while households who are able to get past that threshold accumulate capital and approach the level of the richer classes.”

The art of not taking things personally. [The Founder Coach] — “‘Emotional generosity’ is the ability to see past behaviours that we don’t understand and proactively look for compassionate ways to explain them. It’s easy to do this for young children. If they start crying or throwing a tantrum, we wonder whether they are hungry, or tired, or hurt. Sadly, it’s harder to do this for adults — and especially our co-workers. And yet a more generous interpretation of their difficult behaviour often ends up being right.”

How the toy shortage could affect your holidays. [NerdWallet] — Holiday shortages are nothing new. Most years, some trendy toy or gaming console becomes the hot, hard-to-find item when manufacturers and retailers misjudge demand. What may be different this year is the number of toys in short supply. Most toys and electronics are manufactured in Asia, but bottlenecks at ports are delaying deliveries, while shipping costs have skyrocketed.”

People share the reasons they left their jobs. [BuzzFeed News] — “With so many American workers imagining a new relationship to their careers, I set out to talk to people who either had already quit or were planning to quit their jobs…Some people I spoke to quit their jobs entirely while others opted for freelance work so they could exert more control over their lives.”

Let’s wrap up the week with a movie. That’s right. Today sees the release of the new Dune adaptation. I’ve been waiting years for this moment. Dune is one of my favorite sci-fi books and Denis Villeneuve is one of my favorite directors. My expectations are high. And the film’s trailer only raises my expectations even more.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll be disappointed. The good thing is that David lynch’s 1984 adaptation is so bad that there’s no way for the new film to be any worse!

(I still haven’t seen the new Bond film yet. Or Shang-Chi. Plus, there’s a new Wes Anderson movie out and soon we’ll have a new Matrix film. It’s going to be a good winter for movies!)

Okay, that’s it for this week. Jim will be back with more on Monday. See you then.