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“Nine things I learned about productivity this year.”

Welcome, my friends, to another day of Apex Money. As always, Jim and I are out here scouring the interwebs for the most interesting stories about how to master your money — and your life. Here’s what we have for you today.

“Nine things I learned about productivity this year.” [Raptitude] — “In 2021 I began to dissect my lifelong problem of severe procrastination, instead of just wrestling with it…One thing that helped a lot was distilling my observations about the machine into a dozen or so single-sentence ‘laws’ that describe how productivity and procrastination seem to work, at least for me.” [David’s articles always seem like they’ve been written directly to me.]

Single women outpace male counterparts in homebuying. [San Bernardino Sun] — “Homebuyer surveys conducted by the National Association of Realtors over the past 40 years show single females have made up the second-largest demographic among U.S. homebuyers since 1981, steadily overshadowing single guys in the housing market.”

“How we’ve lived on one income for 20 years.” [Women Who Money] — “Living on one salary isn’t for everyone. Each family’s circumstances are different. But we’re fortunate to be able to make it work for us. Hopefully, sharing our story and tips helps other families consider living (and thriving) on one income!”

“My annual budgeting process.” [Budgets Are Sexy] — “Today I’m gonna run through a quick overview of my annual and monthly budgeting process. It’s super simple and doesn’t take me much time — about an hour at the start of every year and 20-30 mins each month.”

By far the biggest cognitive dissonance in my own personal life is this: I believe strongly that animals are smarter than most people credit (and that they lead rich emotional lives) — yet I am an avid carnivore. I love meat. This personal moral crash makes me feel guilty AF…yet I only occasionally commit myself to plant-based eating.

Anyhow, last week I found this 15-minute video that shows a guy keeping a grocery-store lobster as a pet. It’s fascinating. And it’s challenging my status as a self-described “meatatarian” one again…

I’ve long refused to eat octopus because they’re simply too smart and too intelligent. (Yet, I still eat pig. I am a bad man.) Turns out many researchers believe lobster are almost as intelligent as octopi. I don’t eat lobster often. Now, maybe I never will.

Okay, that’s all for today. I’ll see you again tomorrow with more good stuff!