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“My year of yes.”

Today is Tuesday, money nerds, and once again we have a top-notch collection of money stories from around the web. Take a look!

“My year of yes.” [Leftover Dollars] — “What I started calling my Year of Yes has taught me that all of these ‘side trips’ are actually the main course. I want a life where I am able to indulge my interests and spend time with people I love and see more of the world and witness the beauty of new places, whenever I want.” [submitted by Modest Millionaires]

How to build a life based on intentional, mindful consumption. [REI] — “Trends like these have led many people, like Hanson, to look toward a new way of living: Instead of buying things on impulse, they’re embracing mindful consumption. This movement goes by many names — minimalism, zero waste and Marie Kondo-ing are three you may have heard of — but no matter the title, it’s all about thinking deeply, with focus, about the items you bring into your life. ”

If you’re poor, when do you finally decide to go to the doctor? [/r/povertyfinance on Reddit] — “This isn’t the first time I felt like going to the doctor was fruitless. I’m to the point where I don’t think I will ever go back to the doctor unless I am throwing up blood. It’s all so useless. So, my fellow poor friends, what’s your red line? When do you decide it’s time to see a doctor? I’m feeling like a fool right now for going.

Last of all today, here’s a question to ponder as we’re 25+ years into the internet age…

What would happen if the internet went down…forever? [Popular Mechanics] — “So how long could society carry on without the internet? However implausible, it’s nonetheless a scenario that futurists, economists, and IT workers spend considerable time contemplating.”