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“Am I the asshole for spending my son’s lottery winnings?”

Rise and shine, money nerds. It’s time for your daily dose of money news. Our first piece today is a lot of fun. Check it out.

Am I the asshole for spending my son’s lottery winnings? [/r/AmITheAsshole] — Guy buys lottery tickets for each member of his family. Eleven-year-old son wins $100,000 on his ticket. Dad invests the proceeds. Stock market booms. Kid goes to college. How much of the money belongs to the kid and how much belongs to the dad? Reddit cannot decide but we all get to have fun reading the debate.

Kids aren’t playing enough sports. The biggest culprit? Cost. [ESPN] — “Gould said the drop in participation in youth sports is due to a ‘multifactor’ reason, with cost definitely at the top. He believes the lack of fun that kids are having is another. Gould dubbed it the ‘professionalization of youth sports’: how society becomes so focused on college scholarships, going pro and becoming famous.”

The five best Dave Ramsey quotes. [SeedTime] — “Dave has a way with words. Over the years he has come up with some fantastic one-liners — succinct nuggets that sum up much of his wisdom. These Dave Ramsey quotes had a significant impact on my life, and I hope they’ll mean as much to you as they have to me.” See also: This long profile of Dave Ramsey in Money magazine.

Lastly, here’s a four-minute video from The Story of Stuff on how advertising rewires kids’ brains.

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