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“My retirement plan is YOU.”

Hello, Apexians, and welcome to Monday! Are you ready for another round of great money stories from around the web? Great. I’m here to satisfy.

But, as we sometimes do here, I’m going to lead not with our money stuff but with the bonus video. Why? Because it’s great. It’s truly outstanding. Here are 100+ Juilliard students and alumni gathering in a mass Zoom recording to perform Ravel’s “Bolero”.

There are some big names here — and some folks you’ve never heard of. But it’s all wonderful. And such a product of our times.

Okay, okay. Let’s move on to the money stuff…

“My retirement plan is you.” [The New York Times, so possible paywall] — “A growing number of millennials who are supporting their parents financially and, in some cases, giving them a place to live. Known as the reverse-boomerang effect, the phenomenon of parents moving in with their adult children, often for financial reasons, is on the rise.”

The more you know a stock, the worse your performance gets. [Klement on Investing] — “By watching their stocks more closely, they are more likely to react to short-term noise. As they try to anticipate the next correction, the returns of their stocks become smaller and smaller.”

Are rich people as happy as they think they are? [The Evidence-Based Investor] — “There’s a lot we can learn from this. For the upper middle class, pursuing more money or higher status things won’t make their lives any better. If they’re happy now, then having a Ferrari, a swimming pool and a mansion won’t make any difference.”

That’s it for Monday. I’ll be back tomorrow with more stories to help you master your money — and your life.