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My First 6 Months of Early Retirement Sucked Shit: What They Don’t Tell You about FIRE.

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Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week.

Ultimate Detailed Price Battle!!! Is Shopping at A Warehouse Club Really Saving Anything? [Chief Mom Officer] — ” When I remove all the items I couldn’t buy at Aldi’s because they didn’t have an equivalent or where I wouldn’t want the alternative option for my family, it’s clear that shopping at BJ’s is the winner for us. Those items would cost $285 at BJ’s compared with $333 at Aldi’s. The cost savings is over $100 when compared with Target, and almost $200 when compared with Price Chopper!” (Submitted by J. Money.)

11 Ways to Teach Kids About Money This Winter. [Debt Free Guys] — “Now’s a great time to teach kids about money – when they’re kids. With school back in session and months of snowstorms and indoor activities, here’s a list of fun activities that will subtly teach kids about money, finance and even the basics of running a small business.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

My First 6 Months of Early Retirement Sucked Shit: What They Don’t Tell You about FIRE. [Bitches Get Riches] — “My body and my subconsciousness understood exactly what was happening to me. “You are very, very depressed,” they told me with crystal clear enunciation. “Sleep ten hours a day, invest 200 hours into a video game you don’t particularly like, and put cheese on EVERYTHING until these passes.”(Submitted by J. Money.)