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Money talks. Wealth whispers.

Good morning, money nerds! Another day, another edition of Apex Money. Let’s look at the stories we’ve gathered for you today…

Money talks. Wealth whispers. [/r/fatFIRE on Reddit] — “Something I’ve learned in my career in finance is that my most pleasant clients…are NEVER flashy with their money. Growing up I was tricked into thinking wealth meant opulence and showy luxury items, now I know it’s very much the opposite. ” In my own life, I’ve known many millionaires who practice “stealth wealth” but I’ve also met some truly wealthy people who happily use their money to buy things they love…even when those things are expensive. (And a lot of times, the wealthy use their money in a way that’s more in line with the Japanese iki aesthetic than western opulence.)

What if we could live for a million years? [Scientific American] — “Recently, scientists discovered bacteria that had been buried beneath the ocean floor for more than a hundred million years and was still alive. What would change if we could live for even just a million years? Two thoughts immediately come to mind.”

How to get money to stick to your fingers. [The Escape Artist] — “The way to become a person who automatically gets richer is to change how you think about your identity and to embed that in your habits. No one said that this was going to be easy…We didn’t get turned into consumers over night so it stands to reason that we won’t be able to reverse consumerism overnight. It takes time and reps.”

Lastly, here’s some excellent advice from Joshua Becker on how to declutter books. This five-minute video was very helpful to me. Let’s face it: I’m a biblioholic. Despite having purged 80% of the books in my life over the past decade, I still have too many! Anyhow. This video was helpful.

And that’s it for Tuesday. Come back tomorrow for more, won’t you?