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Money can’t buy you hapiness…

Unless happiness is avoiding lines at Disney!

You Can Pay $750 An Hour And Walk On Rides At Disney World [Inside The Magic] = “Have you ever wanted to walk onto attractions at Magic Kingdom? Or get a great seat for the shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Maybe you’ve been dying to ride Flight of Passage in Disney’s Animal Kingdom but have been trouble getting a Fastpass. Well, you may be able to take advantage of this, plus so much more thanks to a VIP tour at Disney World. But it comes at a price.”

It blows my mind that:
1. You can pay to avoid lines at Disney
2. How freaking expensive it is… but those lines are no joke!

The Curse of a High Income [Perpetual Money Machine] – “Regardless of income level, the vast majority of people spend very nearly everything they earn, if not more. Most people know that living paycheck-to-paycheck is a problem. What they may not realize is that the higher their income, the bigger this problem actually is. Common sense tells us that more income is always better, but that’s not always true. If you have a high income and are spending it all, then you might be in serious trouble with limited options.”

An interesting, and related, video to the previous post — Why Those Who Feel They Have More Give Less [PBS Newshour]

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