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Mo’ money, mo’ problems? Nope.

You know what they say about mo’ money, mo’ problems – right?

I loved the song but never agreed with the premise. And neither does Miranda Marquit in today’s featured post:

More Money, More Choices [Miranda Marquit] – “We hear a lot about how our choices impact our money. But we don’t often talk about how more money can actually mean more options.” Sometimes more options are bad (analysis paralysis), but in many cases, more options are a good thing.

Of course, I have to embed this:

Look at those puffy shiny jackets! So 90’s!

10 Pieces of Career Advice for Young Professionals [Keeping Up With the Bulls] – ” In your new workplace, you’ll transition to the most junior person in the room and learning to adjust to the new culture. It’s tough, but with the right moves you can get quickly back on track to being recognized as knowledgeable and a leader within the team.” Sensible advice for anyone just starting a new job. I’d add that if you’re young, take more career risks than you are comfortable taking. Despite what you think, you have very little to lose at this point in your career. It’s harder to take risks when you have a family and a mortgage.

Finally, if you’re looking to refresh your resume, you can’t beat this guide:

Applying for a Job? This is Exactly How to Write a Winning Resume [College Info Geek] – “I can’t promise you that I can make writing a resume fun, but I can show you how to do it as painlessly as possible. More importantly, I can show you how to write the resume that will cut through the stack of hundreds (or thousands) and get you that job, internship, or other opportunity you want.” It’s very detailed and very good.

Happy Monday!