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Microspending is kinda good for you

Our first post is from my friend Chris Browning, host of the great podcast Popcorn Finance and This is Awkward. He tackles the utter B.S. personal finance advice, for Men’s Health no less, that you should cut out your daily coffee or avocado toast…

The ‘Avocado Toast’ Effect of Spending Is Totally Overblown [Men’s Health] – “It’s an old personal-finance cliché that if you want to save for anything, the first things you should cut out are coffee, restaurant meals, and subscriptions. In short: small joys. This comes from the idea that money is basically math—if I make X, I will save Y, and then I will be all set. So let’s do the math and unpack all this nonsense.” Love this.

The sinister side of Work Ethic [Rad Reads] – “The owners were not prioritizing productivity. Instead, they were prioritizing leisure. To my younger self, that was blasphemous. But today – deeply ensconced in midlife – I find myself wondering: is there a sinister side of work ethic?” Not going to lie, this one got me. It’s taken me years to unlearn those lessons instilled in me throughout my school-age years… but it’s a lesson well worth learning.

This last one for the weekend is a fun little read about Tangier Island in Virginia. Nothing about money, just a fun little story.

Tangier Island, Virginia – a Forgotten Community Founded by Cornish Fishermen [The Cornish Bird] – “It is a remote, isolated community, cut off from the mainland for centuries. The islanders have developed their own culture and way of living, yet bizarrely this unlikely place is also deeply connected to Cornwall. The inhabitants of Tangier Island are said to talk with a strange American-Cornish accent and the St Piran’s cross even graces their island’s flag. So, how did this unusual connection come about?”

Have a great weekend!