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Mechanical time vs body time

Welcome to another beautiful week!

First one today comes from a thread written by David Perell and is a fascinating look at time.

Mechanical time vs body time [David Perell on Twitter] – I’d never given “time” that much thought but as I age, it’s becoming clearer that body time is the time I prefer to follow.

11 Steps To Perfectly Manage Your Finances As A Millennial [The Long Game] – ““What would you do if you were me?” This is the top question I get asked from friends and family.

Here’s exactly what I would do if I was starting out as a millennial.” This advice applies to anyone.

From beginner money steps for the millenial to the concept of Swedish Death Cleaning!

Your coffin isn’t hitched to a U-Haul. [The Minimalists] is the post where I discovered this concept but it’s really captured in an 8-minute video.