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Maybe money DOES buy happiness after all.

Yay! It’s Friday! But before you head into your weekend, here are a few final money articles for you to digest and absorb.

Why retirees go broke. [The Retirement Café] — “Retirees don’t go broke as a result of sequence of returns risk. They go broke as a result of illness, injury, unemployment, housing problems, divorce, birth or adoption, death or illness of a family member, forced retirement, identity theft, consumer debt and aggressive debt collection and the interconnected, cascading effects of all of the above.”

The mystery of trust. [Comment] — “To make an institution more trustworthy when the conditions animating the trust from yesteryear have shifted or frayed, you need to take risks. You need to be willing and able to change the structure and incentives (and often the people). You need to make genuine strides toward public accountability. This is not just technical or cosmetic; it is moral.”

Maybe money does buy happiness after all. [Visual Capitalist] — “What’s the relationship between money and happiness? Previous studies have indicated that, while money can in fact buy happiness, it plateaus at approximately $75,000/year. However, new research suggests otherwise.”

Adding a legacy letter to your estate planning documents. [Humble Dollar] — “Your estate plan specifies what you want done with your money and possessions after your death. But your life’s treasures extend beyond these material items — to your values, heritage, relationships, hopes, dreams, memories and stories. You can share some of this with family and friends through a legacy letter”

Lastly, from the Break the Twitch channel on YouTube, here’s a five-minute video about how to build good habits through minimal viable actions. A minimally viable action is the smallest and easiest-to-do action of the habit you are trying to form.

For a more in-depth look at this concept, check out the accompanying article at the Break the Twitch blog.

And that’s it for this week! Jim will be back on Monday with more of the best from the world of personal finance. Until then, stay healthy and grow wealthy.