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The many emotions of redundancy

The many emotions of redundancy [Paul Wilson on Linkedin] – “Like many other people I was recently made redundant. It is a huge shock to lose your job and that has been amplified by the uncertainties of lockdown and the emotional rollercoaster of the last 12 months. […] Alongside sadness I also felt moments of intense anger. If I was honest with myself most of the anger I felt about redundancy was due to ego. Why have I been made redundant? Why have THEY done this to ME? I was particularly angered by the timing. Everyone had made sacrifices throughout the last year and this felt like a poor way to repay that sacrifice – particularly as our client scores had gone up, employee scores had remained stable and we were profitable as a business unit.” A very honest look at what it’s like to be fired.

Solve Problems Before They Happen by Developing an “Inner Sense of Captaincy” [Farnam Street] – “If we want to get away from glorifying those who run around putting out fires, we need to cultivate an organizational culture that empowers everyone to act responsibly at the first sign of smoke.”

Get Rich versus Stay Rich [The Belle Curve] – “Few things compare to the high of making millions off a concentrated bet; whether that bet is on a single stock, building a business, or working for a successful start-up. I imagine the brain responds to this high in the same way it does to addiction. The temptation to chase the next high is all-encompassing. I talk to investors all the time who can’t stop chasing that high.”

Cartoons [Mapologies] – “It is surprising how often the names of the three nephew of Donald [Duck] have been adapted to the local audiences. More than other cartoon characters. Just some languages uses the English names literally or their transcription. Other chose native names which sound more familiar: in Spanish (diminutive of John, George, James in Spain; Hugh, James and Louis in America; except in Argentina where they are Hugh, Frank and Louis), Portuguese (diminutive of Hugh, Joseph, Louis; in Brasil before had other names) and Catalan (diminutive of John, George, James).” It’s about a more than just Hewey, Dewey, and Louie and it’s quite fun to dig into the other names.