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Make abundance

I think that we often mistake someone we see often as something that is the “best way to do something.” In other words, it’s easy to follow the crowd and in many cases, you’re right. In the wild, animals that don’t follow the pack tend to get eaten. 🙂

But if you want to build wealth, it’s often more effective to not stay in the pack. It’s not following what you see because it’s hard to differentiate yourself from everyone else if you’re WITH everyone else in how you do things.

Make Abundance for the World [Naval Ravikant] – “Even in nature, there are more parasites than there are non-parasitical organisms. You have a ton of parasites in you, who are living off of you. The better ones are symbiotic, they’re giving something back. But there are a lot that are just taking. That’s the nature of how any complex system is built.

What I am focused on is true wealth creation. It’s not about taking money. It’s not about taking something from somebody else. It’s from creating abundance.”

The Reality of Caring For Aging Parents [The Retirement Manifesto] – “Many I’ve talked to have expressed how difficult it is. Until you go through it yourself, it’s impossible to grasp how consuming the process really is. The tidal wave of issues that hit you all at once, and never seem to fade:”

The Maraschino Mogul [The New Yorker] – “One might not expect that Mondella’s death also would have saddened many of New York City’s beekeepers, but it did. People in the beekeeping community, or their bees, had crossed paths with Mondella in 2010, less than five years before he died. In fact, the complications in Mondella’s life that led to his demise had a minor but significant bee component. The first small signs that all was not right with him arrived buzzing in the air. Though circumstances put Mondella and the bees on opposite sides of an issue, the beekeepers still speak admiringly of him, and express regret at his unhappy end.”

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