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Make a plan for your stuff

Happy Friday!

As a parent to four kids, I can attest that we have a lot of stuff. I think our level of stuff will start to dwindle as our kids age out of certain things… but I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t also admit that some of this stuff is mine. Sometimes it’s difficult to get rid of stuff, even if we don’t really need it, but death has a way of reminding us that someone needs to deal with it. If not me, then someone I care about.

Make a plan for your stuff before someone else decides for you [Abnormal Returns] – “All that being said, the chances are that nobody wants your stuff. On the off chance someone does want your stuff, it makes sense to do some planning on its disposition, before somebody else decides for you.”

12 Terrible Ways To Make Money That the Internet Needs To Stop Pushing [Frugal Rules] – “It’s inevitable: you’re casually scrolling through social media, and some obnoxious video pops up and tells you how some side hustle can earn you a five-figure income per month. So naturally, you’re curious about what they’re discussing. So you click on it and may even sign up for the free webinar.” Some of these are quite terrible.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a heist or a swindle… so today I will!

The Greatest Scam Ever Written – “How a Montreal copywriter swindled victims out of $200 million by pretending to be a legendary psychic.” Seriously. $200 million! Amazing.

Have a great weekend – J.D. is back next week with the gems he’s found in his far flung travels!