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Mailbox money, influential businesses, and riskier moonshot bets

I’ve long believed that the path towards wealth is building up multiple streams of cashflow (mailbox money) and dabbling a bit in moonshots. I hadn’t thought about influential businesses… Ndamukong Suh (he’s an active NFL defensive tackle too) had a thread last year that was really good in explaining how it all tied together:

Rags-to-Riches Stories Are Actually Kind of Disturbing [The New York Times Magazine] – “From Horatio Alger and E.L. James to T. Boone Pickens and Charles Koch, books by and about the ultrawealthy reveal some of our darkest American fantasies.” I don’t remember reading any of Horatio Alger’s books but I found this recap of their (very) dark side quite fascinating. By the way, it’s been a while since one article has contained so many new words for me… for example, the word “bildungsroman” doesn’t look like a real word, yet it is.

Lindbergh Kidnapping [FBI] – “On a beautiful 390-acre estate on the rural outskirts of Hopewell, New Jersey, Charles Lindbergh and his wife Anne hoped to stay out of the constant glare of the media spotlight in the years following the aviator’s historic non-stop flight across the Atlantic. It was not to be. In 1932, a crime took place that stunned the nation and made the Lindberghs and their ensuing tragedy front-page news for months to come.”