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Cool! Mad Fientist releases an album

Brandon Ganch, a.k.a. Mad Fientist, is one of the OGs in the FI community. Last year, he conducted an experiment in ultralearning that culminated in producing enough music that he released an album. First, reading about his experience was fascinating (it’s a podcast so you can listen or read the transcript) but you can now buy his album. And stream it on Spotify. (or both!)

I think it’s cool when someone can fulfill one of their dreams. Even cooler when it involves producing something creative and putting yourself out in the world like this. I can’t imagine how scary it is. Favorite track is probably Bit Crush followed by Tokyo Eye and Please Rewind.

So You Turned $300k Into $3 Million. Now What? [A Wealth of Common Sense] – “Keep an aggressive allocation in a portion of your portfolio. As someone in the financial services industry, it would be easy for me to tell this person to take all of their money, pick a balanced asset allocation that suits their risk profile and time horizon, and move on with their life.” I like the idea of a “go nuts” allocation. 🙂

Meet YInMn, the First New Blue Pigment in Two Centuries,/a> [Hyperallergic] – “And now, for the first time in two centuries, a new chemically-made pigment of the celebrated color is available for artists — YInMn Blue. It’s named after its components — Yttrium, Indium, and Manganese — and its luminous, vivid pigment never fades, even if mixed with oil and water.” Cool!

I love food. I also never thought about a lot of the questions posed in this next article…

Introducing ‘Food Grammar,’ the Unspoken Rules of Every Cuisine [Gastro Obscura] – “SERVE SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS TO an Italian, and they may question why pasta and meat are being served together. Order a samosa as an appetizer, and an Indian friend might point out, as writer Sejal Sukhadwala has, that this is similar to a British restaurant offering sandwiches as a first course. Offer an American a hamburger patty coated in thick demi-glace, and they’ll likely raise an eyebrow at this common Japanese staple dubbed hambagoo.” Cheese on fish? Barbecue sauce on ice cream? Hmmm…