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Little favors.

Hey hey, friends. Welcome back to Apex Money and another batch of interesting stories about personal finance. Here’s what I have for you today.

I particularly like our first article today. Although the author never uses the term “social capital”, the piece is all about social capital — one of my favorite subjects.

We live in a society. [Money with Katie] — “The financialization of our every move strips us of our humanity and weakens our ties, while Little Favors create trust and common ground. The beauty in asking for what you need is not just in the straightforward receiving of it, but in allowing other people to give it to you. We glorify individual ability and self-sufficiency, which are great—but to be human is to need. So, too, is to give.”

Cal Newport, the man who never procrastinates. [El País] — “My job isn’t to convince people of something that they don’t think is true or have never heard of…I’m just helping people better understand what they already believe. Being able to put a name to something changes the way you categorize and understand it.”

how to fight shrinkflation at the grocery store. [NPR] — “With all these package sizes — and changes to package sizes — it might seem like we’re destined to be on the losing end of intricate packaging strategies that enable companies to extract more money from us. But, luckily, there’s a relatively simple way to see through the fog of packaging gimmicks and spot the best deal: pay attention to unit prices!”

That’s it. Short and sweet! I’m on the Oregon Coast taking yet another art class, so don’t have much time to look at videos and/or provide fun life updates. See you all tomorrow!