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Life’s Two Halves

I sold my first personal finance blog when I was 30 and could, if I wanted to, effectively “retire.”

Except I didn’t. I decided to start other businesses, including the blog that I work on full-time now,, and it’s because I didn’t really know what to do. I felt I still had more in the tank, I wasn’t ready to stop earning because I felt like I didn’t need to, so I kept on at it.

So even though it’s been ten years, and I still don’t feel ready to stop the income engine, this first article about the two halves of one’s life was important for me to find. I still think it’s enough to find meaning in success but I can now see a world in which it won’t be.

Life’s Two Halves [Humble Dollar] – “I was around age 50 when I came across the writings of psychiatrist Carl Jung and his discussion of the two halves of life. For me, the timing couldn’t have been better. Jung saw that, in the second half of life, it’s no longer enough to find meaning in success. He knew, as we age, we find purpose in different ways than in life’s first half.”

Attention Is The Cash Value Of Time [A Teachable Moment] – “Despite what you think, time isn’t your most valuable asset. Attention supersedes all. You’re as free as your attention span permits.” A quick read that will make you think. The author suggests living paycheck to paycheck isn’t a bad idea.

Sega sued for ‘rigged’ arcade machine [Polygon] – “Key Master has been the target of multiple court cases in the past, dating back to at least 2013. This 2021 lawsuit, as well as the others, claims these machines are rigged only to allow players to win prizes at certain times — specifically, at intervals determined by player losses.” I thought everyone knew this about the Key Master game? It’s in all the tutorials of how to “beat” it.