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Less is more.

Hey hey, Apexians. Ready for another day of good, juicy money stories? Me too. Let’s get to them.

After nearly twenty years reading and writing about money, it’s not often that I come across an idea that’s new to me. Well, last week I did. Our first article today espouses a simple idea, but one that can be helpful for folks trying to gain their financial footing.

Less Is More [Money by Lisa] — “If the difference between two competing options is cloudy, how do you decide? Here’s my decision rubric: (1) Among my options, which one will give me greater stability today (2) How does this decision affect my future stability? Let’s say you are weighing the pros and cons of paying off a debt or adding to your savings. It’s not an obvious choice because, at least as far as your balance sheet is concerned, the outcome is actually the same. Applying the questions above can help.”

Paved paradises: How parking lots shape our cities for the worse. [Scope of Work] — “Parking requirements are the invisible forces that shape much of our cities, almost always for the worse…Many people do not connect the short term benefits of ample parking (e.g., the convenience of driving one’s car as close as possible to the door of one’s destination) with its disastrous long term effects: the catastrophic impacts of climate change, a generation-defining housing crisis, and cities that are completely inaccessible to people without cars.”

“Seven micro-habits that changed my life.” [No Sidebar] — “Why am I so interested in habit change? Because my life used to be an unconscious stream of short-term dopamine hits…I took a magnifying glass to my own life and worked to make small but significant changes.” I am in the process of doing this at the moment. (Thus the three-month sabbatical from Apex Money!)

Okay, are you ready to end the week with something fun — and non-financial? Here’s an amazing video from the Auralnauts channel on YouTube: “Ice Ice Matrix”. It’s artificial intelligence used to re-do “Ice Ice Baby” from Vanilla Ice but in the world of The Matrix. It’s amazing and awesome.

That, my friends, is a thing of beauty. The coming age of A.I. isn’t all bad…

Well, that’s the end of my first week back here at Apex Money. I had fun. I hope you did too. Jim will take his turn next week. I’ll see you again in ten days. Until then, be kind!