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Keep life’s less admirable emotions at bay

I’ve long admired the thinking and work of Jonathan Clements, the owner operator of Humble Dollar (which we’ve linked to many many times in various editions of Apex Money). Though we’ve never met, I’ve read his writing long enough to feel like I know him.

Just a few days ago, he published a blog post in which he shared a grim cancer diagnosis.

As someone in my mid-forties, I’ve known several people who have battled cancer and most, but not all, of them won (though they will tell you, they’ve only won it “for now).

And for all of them, the path started in the same way – with something seemingly innocuous.

The C Word [Humble Dollar] – “The cliché is true: Something like this makes you truly appreciate life. Despite those bucket-list items, I find my greatest joy comes from small, inexpensive daily pleasures: that first cup of coffee, exercise, friends and family, a good meal, writing and editing, smiles from strangers, the sunshine on my face. If we can keep life’s less admirable emotions at bay, the world is a wonderful place.”

Life is short enough as is. Hug your loved ones. Find joy every day.

And “keep life’s less admirable emotions at bay.”