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Knowing when you have enough.

Good morning, Apexians, and welcome to another tasty edition of your favorite financial curation site. Let’s look at what we have for you today.

The Finnish secret of happiness: Knowing when you have enough. [The New York Times gift article] — “Finns derive satisfaction from leading sustainable lives and perceive financial success as being able to identify and meet basic needs, Arto O. Salonen, a professor at the University of Eastern Finland who has researched well-being in Finnish society, explained. ‘In other words,’ he wrote in an email, ‘when you know what is enough, you are happy.'”

Community colleges are reeling. [Associated Press] — “Community colleges are far cheaper than four-year schools. Published tuition and fees last year averaged $3,860, versus $39,400 at private and $10,940 at public four-year universities, with many states making community college free. Yet consumers are abandoning them in droves. The number of students at community colleges has fallen 37% since 2010, or by nearly 2.6 million.” I’m a huge fan of community colleges, so news like this makes me sad.

Lastly, here’s a collection of resources from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that are intended to help teach kids about money:

Meet the money monsters! [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau] — “The Money Monsters are a group of creatures who are new to our universe. That means they need to learn about many important things like school, friendship, and financial literacy…These Money Monster stories introduce you to ideas, habits, and activities that you’ll need as you grow up and start to manage your own money.” [More CPFB youth financial education tools.]

But wait! There’s more! Here’s a fun video that has absolutely nothing to do with money. In this ten-minute clip, a Scottish man tries snacks from the southern U.S.. Funny and fun.

My girlfriend and I live in Oregon, but we spent six months in Savannah, Georgia a few years ago. We miss certain things you can’t get here. Deep-fried peanuts, for instance. SO GOOD. Uncle Bud’s are my favorite, but I cannot justify paying that price from Amazon. Maybe I’ll just have to fly to Georgia to buy them for cheap at a gas station…