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Keep your eyes open

The Guardian asked 100 centenarians, or people who are over the age of 100, for their best life advice:

‘Keep your eyes open – and leap into the future’: 100 centenarians’ 100 tips for a life well lived [The Guardian] – “What’s the secret to making it into triple figures? Never stay stuck in the past, keep a diary … and dance while you still can” WOW.

Why Buying Gasoline In the Morning Can Save Money [Len Penzo dot Com] – “Gasoline expands when temperatures rise, but the energy content of gasoline is directly related to its weight, not its volume. The end result of this expansion results is less energy per gallon.”

History is fascinating and it never occurred to me that peopled lived on London Bridge (and, in fact, inhabited bridges was common in Europe!).

Life across the water: exploring London Bridge and its houses, 1209-1761 [The Past] – “When it was completed in 1209, medieval London Bridge was the only fixed crossing of the Thames downstream of Kingston-upon-Thames (until Fulham Bridge was built in 1729). Remarkably, it was also home to some 500 people – equivalent to the population of a small medieval town. In London Bridge and its Houses, Dorian Gerhold has scoured the archives of Bridge House – the medieval charity that managed the bridge – to find out more about the community that lived on this extraordinary structure, as Chris Catling reports.”