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I’ve (inadvertently) never budgeted in my life

I have a confession – we don’t budget. I’ve actually never budgeted in the strictest sense.

When I first started working, I kept track of my spending. I eventually graduated from a spreadsheet to Mint. But after a while, I stopped. I started paying myself first and my spending worked itself out because I was an inherently frugal person. I spent money in places that made me happy but I had a well-tuned internal compass that kept me in line even if I didn’t keep close track of it. Plus, saving first made sure I always took care of the important stuff.

I didn’t know I wasn’t “budgeting.” I thought I was!

Turns out I never budgeted ever in my entire life. 🙂

Budgets Don’t Work for Everyone—Try This System Instead [Bitches Get Riches] – “I also know people who make budgets, fail at them, and enter a cycle of constant self-loathing and financial stress that ultimately harms them more than it helps. Some of us chafe against the rigidity of a budget, others thrive within its strict boundaries. So budgeting ain’t for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you’re excused from managing your money altogether. Even without a budget, it’s still useful to have a system for keeping an eye on your money.”

Speaking of tracking…

Being Good with Money is More Than Simply Spending Less – Insights from Tracking 3 Years of Spending [Cash for Tacos] – “2017 was a year of transformation formation for me. I was newly single and ready to take on the world.

It was also the year I became motivated to improve my finances and started my journey to financial independence. With this newly-formed vision in sight, I started to cut back on my spending.

And slowly but surely my spending decreased, which gave me more money to commit to new priorities.”

I love this graphic from Visual Capitalist:

How to have a true hobby, not a side hustle [Vox] – “… making time for non-essential activities is, in fact, essential. Challenging leisure activities — such as hobbies — improve mental and physical wellbeing, foster learning, and build communities. Oh — and it’s fun! Here are five ways to find, and keep, a fulfilling hobby.”

Downtime is good.

You don’t have to fill your leisure time with productivity!

Now go out and have some fun!