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Is the President responsible for the U.S. economy?

Welcome to Friday, Apexians. Here’s what I’ve gathered for you today. There are some gems in this batch of links!

Toward a leisure ethic. [The Hedgehog Review] — “What is time well spent? Philosophers and social critics have long pondered variations of that question and offered rather consistent insights over time, even across radically different eras. Many have extolled a leisure ethic, and none would say that time well spent lies in ambitious careerism or in drifting on a sea of addictive content. Most would agree that flourishing in time consists of free, active, thoughtful engagement with the world in accordance with one’s nature.”

The best way to get things done. [Of Dollars and Data] — “I am no productivity guru, but I’ve spent a considerable amount of time studying how people get things done and how people manage their time. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a silver bullet. There is no single way that will allow you to get more done overnight. However, there are a few frameworks I’ve found that can start moving you in the right direction.”

The couples’ guide to moving in together. [Vox] — “Without a roadmap, couples contend with problems typical of dating — how much time you’ll spend together, dealing with each other’s families — in addition to the conflicts of marriage, like division of chores and finances…To ensure you’re firmly in the ‘deciding’ camp of cohabitation, there are a number of conversations worth having with your partner about living together.”

Why people mistakenly think the U.S. economy is terrible. [White Coast Investor] — “The president honestly just doesn’t have that much of an effect on the economy, no matter how much credit they try to take when it’s going well or how much their opponents blame them when it’s going poorly. Even if presidential policies had a huge effect on the economy (which they don’t), there is such a huge lag (years or even decades) in the effects of those policies that it would be challenging for the typical non-economist to really sort out who gets credit for what.” [I think this entire article is spot-on. I think members of both parties are borderline insane when it comes to how they attribute credit and blame for the economy.]

Lastly, I did find one fun video buried in my pile of art stuff on YouTube. Here’s a short (two-minute) video that is a palindrome. Yes, I’m serious.

Nothing earth-shattering there. Just weird and fun and a good way to head into the weekend. Take care my friends, and come back Monday for more.