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Insurance is a waste until it isn’t

Insurance is what you buy when you want peace of mind. We pay our insurance company for various policies (auto, home, umbrella, etc) and hope we never have to use it.

An emergency fund is similar – it’s a waste of money until you need it. Then you are thankful you have it!

Having an Emergency Fund is a waste of money – until it isn’t. [Burning Desire for FIRE] – “The Emergency Fund is a funny beast. In my experience, I can go for YEARS without tapping into it, to the point where it almost feels like a waste having all that money just sitting there earning next to no interest. Then WHAM! Something happens. Or two things happen. They seem to come in waves.” A great reminder.

How to File a Life Insurance Death Claim – 4 Step Guide for a Beneficiary [Money Crashers] – “Filing a life insurance claim is a four-step process. Under normal circumstances, expect to wait up to 30 days for the life insurance company to process the claim. After that, you’ll receive the death benefit, a request for additional information, or an explanation of why the insurer denied the claim.”

Oh dear… 😂

My Heart Will Go On (but it’s Smash Mouth’s “All Star”)