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Insider trading NFTs???

NFTs are fascinating because you’re seeing the early days of a financial market except with far more transparency than before. If you think about how the stock market must have been when it first started, NFTs are experiencing that today except everyone can see every transaction ever made. If you think about how much time and effort people put into researching and uncovering completely frivolous things, it’s no wonder crypto sleuths can tease out these:

OpenSea confirms executive used insider knowledge when buying NFTs [The Block Crypto] – “Twitter users last night accused Nate Chastain, head of product at OpenSea, of using secret Ethereum wallets to snap up the platform’s front-page NFT drops before general release. Citing transactional data on Etherscan, Twitter user Zuwu said that Chastain seems to be selling these pieces “shortly after the front-page-hype spike for profits.” His actions have been likened to frontrunning or insider trading, which in regulated financial markets refers to dealing on information that is not yet public.”

Income for Sale [Humble Dollar] – “How do you buy an annuity from the Social Security Administration (SSA)? For each year that you delay claiming Social Security, your benefit increases by about 8%. The CRR paper makes the case that delaying Social Security, while using your savings to pay current expenses, is the equivalent of buying an annuity from the SSA. The annuity’s cost is the Social Security payments that you forgo in the meantime. What’s the benefit? That’s equal to the increase in your Social Security check you receive in return for the delay.” Read the whole thing because it’s not good enough that you can buy an annuity, it’s important to know how it compares with alternatives (right now, it compares quite favorably).


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