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Have We Been Thinking about Inflation All Wrong?

I’m 42 and for as long as I’ve been an adult, inflation has never been a concern.

I know that it was a bigger deal in the years I was born (it was 13.5% in 1980) but it’s always been around 3% or less for as long as I’ve been old enough for it to be a consideration in my life. As we exit the pandemic and inflation is much higher than what we’re used to, I think it’s valuable to think about how it impacts our life.

Have We Been Thinking about Inflation All Wrong? [The Walrus] – “For decades, governments have done all they can to keep inflation down. But maybe letting things run hotter is exactly what we need”

Why Inflation Rates Are Scaring the Hell Out of Me (and How You Can Beat Them) [Super Saving Tips] – “There are some things you can do about this mess and they are things I have touted for years and years before. If you ignored them before, it may be time now to take these actions. Let me go down my list.”

How a NYE Windfall Made Our Biggest Money Mistake of 2021 [TicTocLife] – “Our biggest financial mistake of the year didn’t arrive until late December but once the dust settles, it’ll likely have cost us some $15K+! Avoid our failure!” Calling this a “mistake” is a bit unfair to themselves but it’s still important to know that mutual funds will behave in ways that are predictable as long as you know what they’re trying to do. Stinks that they had deal with it though and it will have cost them money. 🙁

I love these Tiny Desk concerts, I think J.D. turned me onto them when Taylor Swift did an amazing one many years ago.

Here’s Alicia Keys: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert:

Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂