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Let’s celebrate financial independence day!

Greetings, money nerds. And if you’re in the U.S., happy Independence Day! To celebrate, our four stories today are all related to financial independence and early retirement. (I hear that topic is on fire lately!)

A story of a Fuck-Off Fund. [The Billfold] — “When your boyfriend calls you stupid, you say if he ever says that again, you’re out of there, and it’s not hard to imagine how you’ll accomplish your getaway. When your boss attempts to grope you, you say, ‘Fuck off, you creep!’ You wave two middle fingers in the air, and march over to HR. Whether the system protects you or fails you, you will be able to take care of yourself.” [Three years old, but new to me. Thanks, Kathleen!]

Don’t stress about safe-withdrawal rates in retirement. There’s a small chance you’ll run out of money, but you WILL run out of life. [1500 Days to Freedom] — “Don’t focus on worst case scenarios. Instead, focus on most case scenarios. And this is where the 4% Rule fits in. Use it as a loose guide to know when to quit your job. When you hit your number, politely tell your boss that in two weeks, your cube will be vacant. Open the door and step outside.”

I have heart disease. GOOD! [Early Retirement Dude] — “It’s unpleasant to look down at my chest and think, ‘Two inches under that skin lives an ant-sized nodule of calcium that’s trying to kill me.’ It is REAL. There is NO DENYING IT. What’s also real is this: I have a good outlook if I stick to the plan…Death may be inevitable, but it doesn’t have to happen NOW.”

Money is the easy part of early retirement. The hard part is what comes next. [Slightly Early Retirement] — “Judging from the number of people who self report their amazing progress towards financial independence, the plan seems to work for a wide range of incomes and family situations. In fact, I think getting enough money to retire early is not the hard part, it is the easy part. The hard part is…what comes next?” [Related: Miss Mazuma has achieved financial independence! Congrats, Bianca!]

Steve may be onto something there. Here’s YouTuber Graham Stephen on why he won’t retire early:

Got something you think your fellow nerds might like? Send it in! Help spread the top money stories on the web here at Apex Money. In the meantime, get out there and enjoy your Independence Day weekend!

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