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“I’m married to a selfish husband.”

Hey there, money nerds. Kim and I made it back from Shasta Lake — and in plenty of time to browse the interwebs for some cool stories about money. Here are three of the best I found today.

Slow down! The journey to financial independence is not a race. [Budgets Are Sexy] — “No matter if it takes me 5, 10, or 20 years to achieve financial independence, I will eventually cross the finish line. The biggest difference in which path I take is determined by how much I enjoy the journey in the meantime. I realized that there’s no rush for me. I wanted to slow down and enjoy the ride.”

Stock-market speculation is as old as the hills. [A Wealth of Common Sense] — “In some ways, it seems crazy that we would see such speculation during the most severe economic crash of our lifetimes. In other ways, this actually makes sense…Things are constantly changing in the world but human nature remains the constant.” [Related: Why so many people are getting into the stock market right now.]

“I’m married to a selfish husband.” [One Frugal Girl] — “How do you feel about spending and saving and how does that compare to your partner’s views? Do you need a lot of money to feel safe and secure? Do you suffer from a scarcity mindset? How does your partner feel and how does that differ from you? How can you talk about those emotions without calling your partner names? Calling your partner a selfish husband isn’t going to help. They will immediately become defensive.”

Finally, here’s a six-minute video of the real-estate listing for a beautiful $800,000 home in Fresh Meadows, New York — except it’s not as beautiful as you might think at first. Holy cats!

Wow! (Here’s the Redfin listing, if you’re curious.)

Okay. That’s it for Tuesday. I’ll be back tomorrow with more good stuff. See you then.