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Status and the Illusion of Progress

Status and the Illusion of Progress [More to That] – “If a nation as a whole is getting wealthier but its citizens are getting angrier, is that progress? If global life expectancy is increasing but more people are suicidally depressed, is that progress? A rationalist will answer, “Interesting point, but take a look at this data instead!” Whereas someone that understands the limitations of reason will say, “Maybe we’re thinking of progress incorrectly in the first place.”” Good food for thought as we work our way into the weekend and reflect.

Pineapple street musings [Contessa Capital Advisors] – “The “social proximity effect” describes the tendency to make connections with people who are around us regularly (eg, in our social network). This often coincides with our propensity to copy the money behaviors of our friends and acquaintances (hence the well-known phrase “keeping up with the Jones’s”), and the “social comparison theory”, which involves comparing our socio-economic status, possessions, and lifestyle to the people we spend time with.” You are the average of the five people around you, right?

The Optimal Amount of Hassle [Morgan Housel on Collabfund] – “The thing people miss is that there are bad things that become bigger problems when you try to eliminate them. I think the most successful people recognize when a certain amount of acceptance beats purity.” It’s kind of the other side of the Region Beta Paradox, except you are aware of it and knowingly settle in the beta.

Enjoy the weekend!