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Ignore the noise

Unless you were living under a rock, chances are you heard about crypto recently. It’s kind of like people talking about Tesla last year.

When it comes to investing, there’s a lot of noise. Mainstream media doesn’t help matters with their insistence on treating investing like a casino. Lots of action! Lots of excitement! So many colors! (ever wonder why stock tickers look like the number displays in roulette???)

But much of it is noise that you should ignore:

10 Things You Shouldn’t Care About as an Investor [A Wealth of Common Sense] – “People used to get their paper statements in the mail on a monthly basis to know what was going on with their investments. Now we can watch the changes in market values instantaneously. So it’s more important than ever to filter out the stuff you shouldn’t care about as an investor. Here are 10 things that fit the bill:”

Ten Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer [haseeb qureshi] – “Negotiating is a natural and expected part of the process of trying to make a deal. It’s also a signal of competence and seriousness. Companies generally respect candidates who negotiate, and most highly attractive candidates negotiate (if for no other reason, because they often have too many options to choose from).”

The Real Win, Place, and Show Are the Friends We Made Along the Way [The Atlantic] – “This week she talks with a group of friends who met playing college football and got interested in horse racing after graduation. Now, along with their other friend Reiley, who didn’t participate in the interview, they are part owners of the horse that came in third place at the 2021 Kentucky Derby. They discuss the pact they made to race horses for the experience, not for the money; the “emotional blackout” they feel during a race; and how their Derby contender, Hot Rod Charlie, is a friend too.”