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I Will Never Recommend Crypto

I never got into crypto. I love some of the ideas behind it, like the blockchain and decentralized finance, but as with any shiny new (and not well understood) object – there are a lot of grifters. Crypto has a ton of grifters and sadly they’ve stolen/lost a lot of people’s money.

While I’ve made a case against crypto, I think our first post of the day makes a strong case too – that you simply don’t need it to win.

I Will Never Recommend Crypto [Financial Panther] – “Crypto gets its allure from how much you can seemingly make from it – it’s like winning the lottery if you get in at the right time. And while we all want to hit home runs, the truth is, we don’t need home runs to win at most things in life.”

With all the talk about the debt limit, the folks at Money Crashers do a good job recapping what exactly that means for your wallet.

What the U.S. Debt Ceiling Limit Means for Your Finances [Money Crashers] – “In reality, Congress must raise the debt limit so that the government can pay bills it has already agreed to pay: Social Security checks, Medicare reimbursements, veterans’ healthcare, military service members’ salaries, and on and on. Congress choosing not to raise the debt ceiling is akin to a business owner deciding not to pay her employees or a homeowner telling his mortgage servicer to stuff it.”

Ok this robot is nuts. And it’s got some flair!