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I love wasting time

As we slide into the weekend, I wanted to share a few of the “fun” posts I’ve been saving. I usually throw one at the end of each roundup but this one will have a few more than usual. 🙂


Why I Love Wasting My Precious Time [A Lawyer and Her Money] – “Quality time is the highlight reel. Garbage time is too boring to be recorded. Quality time is running the marathon. Garbage time is training. It can prepare you for the big day but it’s not the day. And no one wants to see you run 8 miles 3 months before the marathon.”

Drone footage of inside Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory – this is INSANE

The Story Behind ‘The Perfect Storm’ [Outside] – “We caught up with author Sebastian Junger to find out how he reported the incredible Outside Classic story of the Andrea Gail’s crew, what’s changed in the commercial fishing industry, and why he’s drawn to people who have dangerous jobs” This is ALSO INSANE

Finally… in celebration of yesterday… the official trailer for Obi-Wan Kenobi. (streaming May 27th!!!!!)

Go waste some time today!