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I Don’t Know

As we ease into the holiday weekend, I want to start with a really short post by Seth Godin:

“I don’t know” [Seth Godin’s Blog] – “Not knowing is going to happen. Acknowledging it is a sign of confidence and awareness.”

Don’t Miss Out on Your Only Free Lunch [Evidence Investor] – “Most investors, including many professionals, are simply unable or unwilling to acknowledge how little they actually know, or the risk that they’re taking as a consequence. Smart investors, by contrast, know their limitations and, instead of trying to predict the future, simply buy and hold a broadly diversified investment portfolio.”

OK this next one is not money related but I found it so fascinating I had to share it with you!

Is It Real or Imagined? How Your Brain Tells the Difference. [Quanta Magazine] – “New experiments show that the brain distinguishes between perceived and imagined mental images by checking whether they cross a “reality threshold.””

Lastly, enjoy this satirical video about the NFL: