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I Aspired to Be Poor.

Hey Plutus Family! Hopefully, you can take a quick break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy these great articles.

Here’s what we wanted to share with you this week.

The California Effect. [Mr. Money Mustache] – “Start noticing your own bubble and study the California Effect in your own lifestyle. Where do you see ridiculousness masquerading as normalcy? How can you extract the best of life in your area, while shedding the unnecessary downsides? How can you create an entirely new bubble of normal?” (Submitted by J. Money.)

I Aspired to Be Poor. [Rahkim Sabree] — “3 years later I think about how much my life has changed because of that talk. How many times I’ve been asked what I meant when I said I wanted to be poor. The look and sound of admiration people get when they hear I’ve done a TED talk and how incredibly honest and transparent I was in that moment and continue to be today.” (Submitted by Tarsha.)

The Best Holiday Gift List I’ve Seen This Year. [Maximum Gratitude, Minimal Stuff] — “Each of these gifts equips children and families to change their own lives for a better future. They’re useful, provide decent jobs, and do more than enrich a retailer’s bottom line. If you’re still looking for gifts for your loved ones, you can’t go wrong with these.” (Submitted by J. Money.)