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Hypercompetitive youth sports

We have four kids and none of them are into hyper-competitive youth sports (thankfully, though they’re young so who knows?).

I’ve never understood the appeal of travel sports teams – it’s time-consuming, expensive, and unlikely to result in anything significantly better than your local team. I didn’t consider the downstream effects of better players joining these travel teams (the impact on the rest of the teams).

High-pressure youth sports is bad for America [Slow Boring] – “But why has participation in high-stakes, high-pressure youth sports become a typical part of middle-class childhood?”

Congress is terrified about TikTok, but Temu is playing the long game [Sherwood] – “The US government’s obsession with TikTok looks even more misguided, though, when you compare its popularity with other Chinese apps. According to data we’ve been collecting from Appfigures, which analyzes mobile-app downloads, TikTok is not China’s biggest digital export right now. It’s Temu.”

Lessons From Another ‘Faux-tirement’ [Morningstar] – “One of the key takeaways from my forthcoming book, How to Retire, is that it’s valuable to experiment before you embark on retirement. What do you want to do with your newfound free time? Do you want to relocate or stay put? Are you even ready to be retired? It’s wise to sort out those questions before you make big life changes that could be difficult to reverse.”

And one bonus item before the weekend …

If You Want to Develop Self-Worth, Do Things That Give You Self-Worth [Becoming Minimalist] – “Years ago, although I cannot remember the exact source, I heard a life-changing piece of advice, “If you want to develop your self-worth, do things that give you self-worth. You can’t think yourself into feeling better about yourself, but you can intentionally take actions that develop it inside of you.””