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“How we bought our new car.”

Brrrrr! It’s cold out there, money nerds! We’ve reached December and that means the start of meteorological winter in the northern hemisphere. Time to hunker down by the fire while enjoying some of the top money stories from around the web.

The Munger Operating System: How to live a life that really works. [Farnam Street] — “In 2007, Charlie Munger gave the commencement address at USC Law School…The commencement speech is an excellent response to the Big Question: How do we live a life that really works? It has so many of Munger’s core ideas that we think the speech represents the Munger Operating System for life.”

How (and why) to simplify your life. [Four Pillar Finance] — “I’m a firm believer in the idea that most people can drastically improve their life by simplifying it. By doing less things, but with more focus. By working fewer hours, but with higher productivity. By focusing less on duration and more on intensity. By saying ‘yes’ to fewer activities, but giving more energy to those activities.”

“How we bought our new car.” [The Simple Path to Wealth] — “While buying a new car is now a much better experience than it was in the ‘bad old days’, it is still a bit of a hassle. The key to making it as painless as possible is to separate the selection process from the actual buying process.”

To end things right on a Monday, here’s a beautiful two-minute video of a glider descending in the rain near Florence, Italy. Feels very wintery, doesn’t it? Set it to full-screen and enjoy the experience.

Safe travels!