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How to use Gmail more effectively.

Last week, as I do from time to time, I was moaning about email. After two months of travel, I was buried in the stuff, and whining about it on Facebook seemed to be the only logical move. My pal Charlotte Baker sent me a private message. “J.D.,” she said. “Hop on Zoom with me. I’ll show you how to get your email under control.”

Charlotte taught me an email management trick she recently learned, a trick based on today’s first top post, a six-year-old article from Andreas Klinger.

How to use Gmail more effectively. [Andreas Klinger] — “If you struggle with keeping on top of your emails in Gmail you want to maybe try my setup. It’s hard for me to lose track and trust me – I am easy to distract. This is how I use Gmail since 2010…I couldn’t even imagine using gmail any other way. No seriously. I see those messy priority inbox tab inbox systems and I am just scared.”

A handy gmail system

How much time should you spend on your finances? [A Wealth of Common Sense] — “The goal shouldn’t be to allocate more time to managing your finances. The goal should be to spend 100x the amount of time doing the things you actually enjoy doing. But to get to a place where finances don’t take up too much of your time and have your financial house in order, you have to set things up in advance so you’re not constantly worrying about it.”

Creating the habit of being Not Busy. [Zen Habits] — “One of the most common problems among people I work with and coach is the feeling of always being busy…Most of us have used this ‘too busy’ rationalization, because it feels very true. It feels absolutely true that we’re too busy. And there’s a corollary to this: if we want to be less busy, we have to get all our work done first (and be more busy in the meantime)…Is it true? Or can we develop a habit of not being busy, even with the same workload?

To wrap things up today, here’s a short video that’ll probably make you a little envious. It’s a four-minute tour of a $15.6 million penthouse in Miami. Let’s all chip in and buy it together!

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